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    Well I had some from time to take an image while cleaning today, Here a image of my with one of my Gators ( ID#: AmeAllU02 )! I had him for around 5 Years and he eats like a pig. I am returning to the reptile community after several year away due to college and my business. After being offered a very nice amount I sold my business and here I am back where I always wanted to be...
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    Not trying to hi-jack the thread, but a guy I know has a friend that had a caimen. Well the caimen got loose one night and broiled itself in the waterheater. Apparently broiled caimen is quite a horrific smell, especially in a small house.

    Nice to "officially" meet you though.
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      LOL, This guy has the run of the place, I have a large 5x5 tub and he just jumps in and out as needed. Working on the images of my cresties! This camera ( D-100 ) is really hard to use to it took me a little while to get good image and they get better but I need to learn and it was hard when none of my herp would stay in the correct places. LOL! It was mess!
      Specializing In The Captive Reproduction Husbandry Of Blood and Short-Tail Pythons.


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        Just FYI, Charles, this forum is not the BOI. We don't do GOOD GUY or BAD GUY postings here. I think you may have missed the point of the subforum "Profiles and Mugshots". It is for introduction purposes, not business reputation. I hope you find the forums informative and interesting.
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          I didn't miss the point read what I posted, nor did infernal_star. FYI your the one that brought up the BOI I should be able to name my thread what ever I like, and " Good Guy Charles Schuck III CSReptile " was the title I choose for my PROFILES AND MUGSHOTS, Never once did I say anything about the BOI you did.

          PS. I did use it for introduction purposes, are the words " Good Guy " banned from this forum?
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          Specializing In The Captive Reproduction Husbandry Of Blood and Short-Tail Pythons.


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            Charles, I took the words "Good Guy" out of the title since it closely resembled a thread that would be posted on Fauna. (And was starting to raise issues similar to those I've had to deal with before. If someone has a problem with something in the forum and I am notified... I act on their request if I feel it's justified.)

            We try to keep breeder inquiries, bad guy/good guy threads, etc. to a minimum since they tend to incite wars that are unwanted. Since we like a laid-back atmosphere here... we like to leave the wars to Fauna.

            The title "Charles Schuck III CSReptiles" gets the point across.... "Good Guy" is not needed. You can prove your reputation in other ways.

            Now let's all calm down and talk "Reptiles".

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              I think what Rangergirl (correct me if I am wrong Sara) meant is that your choice of words are very similar to the stuff that is going around on Fauna about you. You also did post this thread almost right after some guy posted some threads about you a few weeks ago. We are not saying that the words Good Guy are banned from there site, but you might as well say NOT GUILTY CHARLES SCHUCK. I mean your title of the thread is VERY similar to the title of this thread:

              You also didn't really introduce yourself you just posted a pic of your gator, and said you had returned to the reptile world.

              Crestedlady- you should probably delete this thred before WW3 starts (I got a laugh when you posted that)
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                Whoops you posted while I was typing (sorry)
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                  For one I was never informed to the reason(s) why the post was edited, Which was very unprofessional. There really was not an issues until RangerGrrl felt I incorrectly added the words “ Good Guy “ in my PROFILES AND MUGSHOTS post in this thread, Is there really a incorrect way to post a PROFILES AND MUGSHOTS in this sub-forum?. At the time I didn't really want to post any more about myself, Until I got a few responses or something.

                  Really if you did any research on any of my posted I started taking pictures when I had my photographer for my new paper one of our cameras but for me to use, Due to me not finding my D-100. It had nothing to do with the post... Now you have the facts.

                  DDReptiles, RangerGrrl

                  PS. In the words of " Crested Lady " Now let's all calm down and talk "Reptiles" nothing anyone of you posted has anything to do with my " PROFILES AND MUGSHOTS " or trying to get to know me. Stay on topic and this forum will also be informative and interesting.
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                  Specializing In The Captive Reproduction Husbandry Of Blood and Short-Tail Pythons.