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  • New faces, new names

    Hello all,
    I'll admit, I've been lurking around here for a bit, and finally got the guts to register.
    I am a brand new crested gecko owner (pics to come when I can get them, he/she is still teeny!!) Though I do have a bunch of experience with herps, because I've worked at the local zoo. Just no geckos.
    So since most of you know way more than I do, be ready for the usual slew of stupid newbie questions... I promise I'll try to limit them as much as possible, but I'm an overprotective mom when it comes to my pets.

    A little about me - I'm from the Philadelphia area, and I have 0.2 cats, 0.1 rabbits, 0.0.4 fish, 0.0.1 crested gecko, and 1.0 husband. And I'm already completely obsessed with cresties. I am sure you all can appreciate the feeling - they are charming little buggers. I only have 1 now, but am already planning for more, and am just waiting until I have a bit more room (0.3.5 animals, 1.1 people, 1 do the math) and I know whether we have a boy or a girl... (my husband is hoping its a boy so he isn't so out numbered )
    Anyway, looking forward to talking with you all, and many many thanks in advance for any help...

    - Melissa

    0.0.3 Crested Geckos (I think its 1.2...that could change)
    0.2 Tabby Cats (exiled from the gecko room)
    0.0.4 Fish
    0.1 Rabbit (kicks the cats' butts)
    1.0 Husband (wants some more male animals to balance out all the girls)

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    Welcome to the Forum, I'm sure we can help you
    Derek Dunlop
    Croc's Rule- Steve Irwin


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      Welcome to the forum!!!

      "This is your life, are you who you want to be?" -Switchfoot


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        Welcome aboard!