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  • New member saying Hi...

    Hi all, I've been lurking on here since yesterday evening when my buddy Matt Fisher pointed me in this direction after joining himself.

    Just a little background:
    Been keeping and breeding snakes for over 10yrs. My wife and I own and operate SSCALES in which we keep and breed Boas and dabble in Ball Pythons, but we have kept and bred everything from Jungle Carpet Pythons to Dumeril Boas. We currently have 50 Boas and 20 Ball pythons in our collection.

    In case you want more info and to see a few pics:

    The reason I joined is I am doing some homework as my 10yr old daughter would like to keep Geckos. She had a Bearded Dragon when she was about 8yrs old and it was just too much at the time for her/us with all the insects. After 1yr we ended up giving him away. My daughter is very responsible and is not squeamish to say the least. She loves being around the reptile room, has her choirs around the house as well as in the reptile room. She cleans the baby tubs, water bowls, handles all the babies to get them accustom to handling, etc. etc.

    With that said, she has always had a thing with lizards and we've had a tough time finding one that is right for her. Monitors were never an option, a Beardie at the time was too much, we are searching for a lizard that does not require much in insects. Even though we don't mind picking up a dozen or so crickets or meal worms once a week, keeping 1000's of crickets isn't for us.

    We've since looked into Leopard Geckos, but again the need to feed insects and housing numerous crickets just isn't for us. Matt told me about Cresties yesterday and after reading a bit of the care sheets and websites, they seem to fit our requirements. Can anyone chime in and let me know if this sounds right? Is there more to keeping them than what is on the average care sheet? We have a 20gln long that we planned on using for starters and a 55gln vivarium we could move them to if needed down the road. Or are sterilite tubs better for starters? We were also hoping they would be enjoyed visually in her room Vs in a sterilite tub. Also, can we start with one or is 1.3 or 1.4 needed for health reasons? Also, how long does a 4lbs bag of complete food mixture last with one Gecko?

    Forgive my newbie-ness, lizards are not my thing at all. Also, not sure if I should be asking these questions on the Crestie discussion rather than here?

    Any help is appreciated.

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    glad to see you made the trip over bud. there are some awesome people on here.
    Matt Fisher Reptiles


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      welcome to the forums

      You people have been standing in my way for long enough, I'm going to clown collage-Homer Simpson


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        Glad you joined, looked around your site, love the new boaphile racks Amazing snakes as well.

        For the cresteds, are you planning on getting adults or juvies first?? I keep my baby cresteds in small/medium kritter keepers, depending on the size of the baby/juvie. I keep my adults in pairs up to 1.3, in 66-72qt. sterilites, but if you want a more naturalistic setup a 55 gal. vivarium would be awesome.

        I use 4lbs bags of gecko diet to feed my colony of about 75-100 geckos (more once babies start hatching) and it lasts about 1.5-2 months, sometimes less depending on how many times I feed crickets/fresh fruit (not required when feeding the Repashy diet but who want to eat the same thing day in day out ) So for one gecko, a 4lbs bag would last him a good part of his life, though I would reccomend getting a smaller bag as while they have a decent slef life it might go bad after a few years LOL.

        Hope this helps and again welcome.
        Derek Dunlop
        Croc's Rule- Steve Irwin


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          Thanks Derek, for now we are just getting one. I was planning on getting a baby, but it seems a juvi or adult may be better depending where I get he/she from.

          For now a small kritter keepers seems to be the enclosure we will use with simple paper towel and a little decorations. If things work out and we decide they are as addictive as everyone says they are. We will set up a more lively set up using a 55gln tank to keep a couple in a group setting like 0.3-0.4 females.

          I was just checking out your website and looks like you're all sold out.
          Love that yellow crestie on the available page though.


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            Sounds like you got everything under control.

            Yeah my site is not finished, got a few hings for sale just I am lazy and hate updating the website as it takes so long.
            Derek Dunlop
            Croc's Rule- Steve Irwin