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Western Hognose not active as before?

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  • Western Hognose not active as before?

    Hello everyone I have been trying to google and look through threads if anyone is having this problem with their western hognose but anyway, I have a western hognose that I purchased since the summer I would say, he's the best! He eats frozen pinkies and after I upgraded him to a 20 gallon that he seem to enjoy cruising around then for a good month or two, he has stopped eating so I tried to scent my pinkies with tuna and frogs then one day he finally started eating so everything is fine now! He has been eating weekly but the only thing I noticed now is that he's not active as he usually is during the day for the past month or so. I just want to make sure he's okay and if anyone else is dealing with that because he was a very active guy but now he seems to always be underground and never out anymore but he eats perfectly fine, just gotta find him first lol he also had his shed just about a week or two ago and I know that is usually why they're not active but now that he finished, he still isn't active as he used to be.