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Can't decide on the best first snake!

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  • Can't decide on the best first snake!

    Hi! I'm a proud reptile enthusiast and have owned bearded dragons and currently own my Blue Tongued Skink! Recently I've fallen in love with two snakes: a Western hot nose and a ball Python.
    While doing research nonstop I can't decide what could be the best first snake for myself. I know corn snakes have been acclaimed to also be a good start, but they don't interest me as much.

    Any suggestions or tips on choosing the best first snake?

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    I don't have snakes, but of the two, I guess I would be more interested in the hognose, simply because of the variety of colors and patterns. Both are supposed to be pretty easy to care for, but it would depend on what requirements you can provide for best. Good luck!
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      I recently got a ball python as my first snake and he's really lovely. Easy to care for as long as you do the research, incredibly calm and easy going and, most importantly, cute as hell. He's really been the perfect first snake, he also has loads of personality and is just gorgeous. I'd like to turn the question back to you, I really want to get either a bearded dragon or blue tongue skink as my next reptile but I can't decide between them, any advice? I'm leaning towards dragon but that's because my friends had one so I have a little experience holding him, watching them feed him, etc..


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        Im desperate to get a blue tongue but I’ve heard the Australian ones are more hardy than the indonesian species, but they’re much harder to find.

        Chizzui I can’t give you any personal experience with either but I get the feeling from ones I’ve seen that the temperaments are very different, with royal pythons being very placid and hognoses being more feisty and active. Hognoses stay smaller as well. Clints Reptiles on YouTube has done excellent videos about both of them.