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  • I need advice :/

    Hello everyone this is my first post here so if this is not allowed please delete, that being said about 3 weeks ago I got a BCI boa the person who sold her to us told us she was about 3 months old eating a pinkie every 2 weeks. We took her to the vet for a check up and she was 22inches long 154 grams. Well some time after I saw the guy selling her siblings saying they were a year old. I asked him if that was the same litter that mine was from and he said yes. I read that by a year old she should be 3-4ft 550-600 grams, it breaks my heart she was so malnourished. I called the vet to give her the update on what I found out, figuring she was healthy for a 3month old not a year old and I am waiting for her to call me back. I figured I am going to have to get her an xray done to look at bone density but I am not sure what else to expect. Since having her I have gradually moved her food size up she is now up to 2 medium mice every 5-7 days. Does anyone have any experience with this, or can tell me what the long term effects this will have on her health. Sorry for the long post I just wanted to get every detail I can think of.

    Oh p.s.
    I forgot to add when we got her he had her in a basement her temp was 62 degrees her humidity was 34

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    wow 62 degrees she should have been dead by now because she would be to cold to even digest her food.

    But i would switch your boa over to rat fuzzy's or small rat pups (No eye's open) this snake should be pounding small to medium rats not pinkies at a year old. wow this person doesn't need to breed any reptiles for that matter.

    but you will be surprised once you start feeding her good how big she grows in some time.

    But rats are more nutritional better for your boa then mice i would suggest switching her over.