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Western Hognose hissing at food and not eating

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  • Western Hognose hissing at food and not eating

    My hognose isnít eating her pinky. I feed her every single week on a wednesday. Today, she just wonít eat. She isnít having any of it. She keeps hissing and striking at it but not trying to munch on it. Her enclosure is the same, her water bowl is on the cool side and hut on the other side. She usually doesnít take long to eat, usually takes 10 seconds for her to strike and grab it. I donít know why sheís doing this. Help!

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    This is old,hope itís eating. I have one hognose that wonít eat at all for me. I cut the pinky a bit for scent and just put it down in the tank and move the substrate. I wake up and itís gone. Totally refuses to eat from tweezers. Thatís my one trick. Lots others out there tho like scenting etc