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Need advice on heating a plastic faunarium

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  • Need advice on heating a plastic faunarium

    Hi everybody, So Iím picking up a Mexican Back Kingsnake at the end of the week but I need peopleís advice on how to safely heat a small plastic faunarium. I have read so many different opinions on heat matts and I want to be 100% sure that they are safe to use under the faunarium. Are there any other ways to heat plastic enclosures?

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    When I had my new Bauer's Chameleon gecko in a faunarium while he was small, I put two wooden boards on the top on both ends, then put a 12" low-wattage compact fluorescent hood (Exo Terra) on top of the wood. That way, it heated the space, but was not sitting directly on the plastic. That worked really well for me. Just make sure to monitor the temperature so it doesn't get too hot for your snake.
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      Thanks for the reply, I might have to try something like that. I did actually order a 4 foot vivarium for when the snake gets bigger and I was going to put the faunarium inside it to try keep some of the heat in but they messed up my order and I might not be getting it for another week now! Iím just struggling as Iím in an attic room so the room temps are up and down and range from about 65į to around 75į at this time of year.