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Sunglow Boa Missing an Eye (Vet Advice Needed)

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  • Sunglow Boa Missing an Eye (Vet Advice Needed)

    Saw on craigslist an ad for a sunglow boa that was missing an eye and Im heavily considering purchasing her. Here is a link to her eye:

    Now I would be purchasing her strictly as a pet so there's no chance this gene can spread but I want to make sure she won't need vet visits to stay in good health as I've never owned a snake with a genetic deformity. She was definitely born without her right eye (no scars whatsoever so not from an accident and current owner assures me so) and she is otherwise perfectly healthy and eating fine.

    I've seen other snakes without an eye but it usually looks healed over whereas with this girl she just has basically an empty socket. Im wondering if this will effect shedding or need to be moisturized or something of the sorts. If anybody has any insight it would be greatly appreciated!

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    Never had snakes, so I can't help with personal experience. What does the current owner say about care for that eye, and how shedding affects it? She looks gorgeous, and if the eye is not inflamed and she is otherwise normal, I don't see that it would be a problem. Maybe you'd have to help with shedding a bit, but that may not be anything major as far as care.
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