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Western Hognose Not Eating

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  • Western Hognose Not Eating

    Popcorn has stopped eating. She’s going on three weeks of not eating, right around the time the weather really dropped. She’s on a 100W basking bulb 12/12. She’s about 3-5 months old. She ate pinkies like a champ every 3-4 days up until 3 weeks ago, just straight f/t pinkies no scenting. Nothing about her environment has changed since we brought her home. Not lethargic, acting normal other then I caught her soaking in her water dish the other morning (no mites, I checked everything). She is seeming to be more interested in burrowing lately though. She measured 9 grams tonight. She’s not shed since I got her September 9th. What could cause her strike or is it just that time of the year? I’ve only ever had ball pythons, this is my first Hognose.