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Little bugs in my snake cage

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  • Little bugs in my snake cage

    I just got this snake about two months ago. I had went out of town and had my mother taking care of the snake and when I got back i noticed there were little white ish looking bugs crawling in the cage. Not on the snake though. I cleaned the whole cage out, threw out the bedding and wiped out the cage, then put some new soil dirt in and then after awhile noticed there were still a few crawling around. What are they? I thought they were mites but arent mites supposed to be on the snake? There are only a couple in the dirt which I have tried to just grab out one by one and kill. But I keep looking and seeing more. I keep my snakes cage pretty humid by spraying a water spray in there, so should I stop doing that? Keep it dry in the cage? I dont want to keep wasting dirt and supplies on continuing to throw it all out and adding more. i washed all his rocks out with soap and water and didnt see any bugs either. Not sure what to do. Want to make sure my snake will be okay.

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    Could it be wood mites?


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      could they be springtails? If so, they are actually beneficial! Look at some videos to compare.