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    Hello everyone, i am a aspiring first time snake owner! I have been doing some light research into Ball Pythons and their care requirements, as I have heard they are a good first snake to buy. I currently own a 2 year old Crested Gecko who is currently in good health, so i now have experience setting up tanks with reptiles, as well as good sources to go to for information regarding care and the attitude of specific reptiles.

    I have a few questions for you guys that I am hoping you can help me out with;

    1) Are ball pythons actually good for first snakes in your experience? I have heard their docile and "slow" nature makes them so.

    2) Would it be not only safe, but "ethical" to store a snake in the same room? In my situation, the animals would have relatively direct line of sight to each other. As lizards and geckos are natural prey to snakes such as ball pythons, i have worries about stress being put on my crestie giving the presence of a new reptile. I have other places i could put a new enclosure if this is the case.

    3) Is it healthier to feed a python live bait animals rather than frozen?

    4) In my limited experience, Ball Pythons appear to be curious animals, such as coming up to the glass when they sense you. Is this a common trait in the species? Or is this a snake that's being underfed and is looking for food?

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    Hello!! Iím glad youíve decided on a snake. They are wonderful creatures and I love em to death.
    Iíve raised ball pythons before and currently work with a couple, so Iíll certainly answer your questions and any more you might have.

    1. Ball pythons are fantastic first time snakes. They are generally docile and donít get to big to handle but donít stay too small too handle either.

    2. It should be fine to house them in the same room, but if you do notice any stress, Iíd place one somewhere else. Make sure you quarantine the new snake though.

    3. I would never feed a snake live food unless they absolutely refuse prekilled food. I would get a bp already eating frozen/thawed mice so you wonít have the problem. Love rats can be harmful to snakes, and usually cost more too.

    4. Every snake has a different personality, but Iíd like to say every snake is somewhat ďcuriousĒ. But if your snake is usually resting and then suddenly is active and curious, he could very well be hungry.

    Good luck and I hope you love them as much as I do
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      1) Not in my opinion. Too many beginners seem to struggle with getting them to eat reliably. Corn snakes, or king snakes of the getulus complex, are easier, hardier, and more forgiving of first-time keeper errors. But if you LIKE ball pythons the best, they're not a horrible choice for a first timer, either.

      2) Yes it would be safe and ethical. I have kept hundreds of reptiles and amphibians in the same room before, in plain sight of one another. No problems.

      3) No. Feed frozen thawed. Feeding live mice is to risk substantial injury to the snake.

      4) Snakes are curious animals, and will watch you from inside the enclosure at times. If they are hungry and think that it may be feeding time, they may be especially watchful, but no, the mere fact that the snake is watching you does not indicate that it is underfed.


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        I am not new to reptiles but I now own my first snake.
        Don't let others detour you from getting a BP if that is what you want and you r ready for a long commitment.
        Yes there are those that can be problem eaters but patience pays off.


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          I have some concerns as I have a small kid.


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            You ever saw flying snake.
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