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    I have approx 40 snakes. Mites are a common and horrible thing I quarantine all my new animals for this reason.
    First donít soak your snake. You need to get p.a.m (prevent a mite).. or other mite medication.
    Put the snake on paper towels - mites can breed and live in aspen ect.

    U will need to do a treatment for 30 days at least. As u may not see mites eggs can still be there.
    Now do u have other snakes? If yes, than u needs to treat them all - as if they all have them. Cause in a month they all will.. (Unless u quarantine and used good measures)

    R.I is serious and can kill your snake if not taken care of. Use the meds the vet gives u also bump up the heat more than normal.

    I am sorry this happened.. But it does happen.
    I hope u donít try to get your money back..Because its obvious that person was not caring for the animal in which it needed to be cared for.
    If u have any questions let me know...I will steer u in the right direction.

    Good luck