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    Hello everyone! After the tragic death of my bird, I’ve decided to look to reptiles as a potential pet. In the past, I have owned a leopard gecko. That was more of a family pet, however, that I had when I was younger. Now, I’m looking to you guys to help me find a good beginner reptile. Please not a bearded dragon or a crested gecko. Also whatever you list please explain why you think it would be good. I would like a reptile that likes to be held, is responsive, and is fun to watch.

    Thank you in advance!

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    Reptiles don't "like" to be held, but some will tolerate it.
    For beginner snakes, it's hard to beat a corn snake. Calm, handleable, hardy, tolerant of a wide range of conditions, good looking and personable. Although a bit more high strung, king snakes of the getulus complex are a good choice as well.
    For lizards, take a look at African fat tailed geckos. Their care is similar to that of leopard geckos, but they are much more placid and handleable.