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  • Ball Python Feeder Size

    So i'm getting my first BP in 3 weeks time. He's currently around 200g + -, and the breeder told me he eats rats (breeder breeds their rats themselves, they also sell them, but according to their page they're a little low currently, so that's why im not planning on buying from them/their source)
    Based on the feeder charts i've seen, he should be fed around 10-15% of his body weight, so if he's 200g that would be 20-30g.
    I've been looking around the internet for feeder animals, however when it comes to rats it seems like they make a jump weight wise, from 15-20g fuzzies, to 30-50g small rats.
    However i am able to get mice that are around 25-30g.
    So i guess my question is, what would be the best choice?
    Should i get the fuzzies even though they're a bit small, the small rats even though they may be a bit too big, or should i see if he wants to take mice until he's surely big enough for the small rats?
    --- Correlophus Ciliatus 2.4.0 - Python Regius 1.0 ---