2 weeks ago I got a female Kenyan sand boa who’s about 18 months old. She’s my first snake, I’ve only had lizards before. I’m having a couple of issues I hope you can help me out with.

Shes in a rub heated with an exoterra 16w heat may. Had it set up for a few days before she came and everything seemed good. But now we’ve hit a cold snap and during the day when no ones in the house and the heatings off it’s only warming up to 28 degrees. Even with heating on it’s rarely getting hotter than 30, when care sheets say it should be 32-34. What can I do? Atm swapping to a viv isn’t an option.

I also want to ask about feeding. She refused her first meal last week which I wasn’t worried about. The breeder has been feeding her on f/t mouse fuzzies which is what I’ve got. A lot of people say with their ksb they have to put it in front of the snakes face before they’ll take it, but atm she isn’t putting her face out of the substrate at all. She’s fully buried in the aspen. Should I try putting her in a smaller enclosure to feed? Or would handling her so soon stress her out. Am I better getting the mouse to bleed and hoping the smell brings her out? Worried she might not want to eat cos the temps too low though.