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Halloween Moon Crab Habitat and Care

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  • Halloween Moon Crab Habitat and Care


    My first post here and I hope I can find the info I have been looking for! A few months ago, I adopted a Halloween Crab (who's still not to it's adult size). I fell in love with those colorful crabs, I just find them very adorable, so when I was able to find one I was really happy. However, it is rather hard to find the right information on those little creatures. Many websites will tell you various things and it's very incoherent. Mine seems to have been doing pretty well and I wanted to share some of the things I do, if there is something more that I can do, or something I can do better, I would really like to know!

    Feeding: Diet based mostly on Veggies and Fruits, I also throw in cooked eggs once in a while. So Salad, Strawberries, Mango, Eggs, carrots and pears seems to be what she likes the most. I also add some Calcium supplement on her food

    Mold: She has been molded twice since i had her (3-4 months already). First mold was difficult, she lost 4 of her legs in the process. After that I decided to add Calcium more frequently to her diet (and adding it in the water too). Her second mold, which was only a month later, she had all her legs, her shell was bright and all! I leave her old shell in her tank for 24-48h and she usually eats it all in that time. Her colors are very bright after molding and then she gets darker.

    Habitat: Last week I transferred her in a 20 Gallon tank, even if she is still pretty small. I plan to adopt a second one soon and I know that they to get rather big. Her substrat is a mix of dirt and coconut for reptiles (about 1-2 inches so she can make her tunnels) plus a layer of reptile jungle earth (both from Exoterra). There is also a water area with big pebbles in the very bottom and some shells. She has a water bowl as well where I add in the calcium. The tank is fully bio-active, no fake plants. I am also planning to buy a misting system.

    Temperature and humidity: I keep the temperature rather high, she seemed to have had issues when it got a little colder. Humidity level is also pretty high (between 60-70%), which seems to help her be more active.

    Handling: I keep handling to a minimum to not stress her out, usually when I need to take her out to clean her tank a bit. She is shy when I need to hold her, but once she's in my hand she does not seem to mind. She never pinched me.

    Behavior: Only active at night (I can hear her climb around at night haha). Hides underground or in hiding spots during the day. Very kind and mostly calm.
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    Her new tank is still a work in progress, but she can live in it now. All plants are living plants that are not harmful to her health and can live with the humidity level. I plan on adding some branches this week to encourage her climbing skills (she is a very good climber!), there will also be an aquarium background that will only be to hide my purple bedroom wall haha Some rocks are also in the plan, a misting system as I mentioned and possibly adding vines. I do not want to add much more plants right now as I know there will grow a bit. I know many people do backgrounds and decorations with foam, but since it's a crab, I'm afraid she might dig in it while climbing and accidentally eat some of it, so I am sticking to natural stuff or decorations from pet stores. So what are your thoughts? lol Am I doing things right?

    Click image for larger version

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    I don't really like crabs so can't help you with care tips but I do like your enclosure! Looks very nice and she has plenty of space/things to explore <3
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      I'd get one of these to replace the thing you got in the middle then put some gravel on the edges of it to help her get in and out.