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My brand new ghost mantis!

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  • My brand new ghost mantis!

    I just feel like boasting. So I was at my friend's house and he has this GIGANTIC insect collection and i notice this really cool looking ghost mantis he had and I asked him if it was for sale. He told me that it was 10 dollars but i wasn't going to pay that much for a mantis unless it shits golden bricks or something. So i asked him if he was willing to trade then he pointed to a tank labeled emperor scorpion and said that he would be willing to trade me the ghost mantis for my emperor scorpion (did i mention that i had two emperor scorpions that i was trying to sell). so we made the trade and badaboom I got myself one badass little mantis. He is still kinda young (He is on his 6th instar) but he is really interesting to watch and believe it or not has a lot of character to him.