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isopods and springtails in vivarium

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  • isopods and springtails in vivarium

    So if you have vivarium going, everything setup right, and you introduce a colony of isopods and a colony of spring tails will they stay alive and reproduce in the viv or do you need to keep a separate enclosure for the cleanup crews too and just introduce them when you need cleanup? No sites regardless of how long the article is about setting up a viv or how to keep isotopes alive or yada yada yada make this clear to me? They always say they have a master colony and they have 27 different vivariums. I just wanna make one for some red eye tree frogs in my 40 gallon tank and I don't wanna have to keep a separate box of rollie pollies to clean it up haha. I hope if I put them in there they can munch on the leaves or the frog poop and stay alive and reproduce and everything will be fine but that's why I'm here.. so yeah, any help clarifying would be greatly appreciated.

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    The isopods and springtails should be breeding in the tank alone, experience from dart frogs. I'd recommend putting in some fruit once in awhile to make sure they have something to eat. Also suspend your feeding dish otherwise the bugs could get in and eat the CGD.


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      Originally posted by DunderBear View Post
      Also suspend your feeding dish otherwise the bugs could get in and eat the CGD.
      The CGD? Red eye tree frogs don't eat CGD, and there was no mention of crested geckos in with the frogs.

      Anywho, they will slowly eat the lair of leaves also when you buy them you can buy little pellets for the isopods, a couple pellets every couple days plus all those leaves and poop will keep then alive and breeding. I've heard springtails will sometimes munch on the pellets as well but they mainly go for the leaves and poop and mold and such
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