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    So I keep a colony of Dubia for my dragons and geckos, and stumbled across this male the other day. Thinking maybe he had recently shed, I let him be. Today I find him again. Still the same color, and actually has a very calm disposition for a male dubia. Anyone ever seen one? He's pretty neat looking. May see if I can reproduce the color.

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    Huh, that's pretty cool looking... Haven't seen any color variants like that before....
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      Never seen one like that either. That is funny though, I have a cricket that was your average brown color, then one day she shed and was all white? Pure white.
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        That is pretty neat, a blond dubia! I love it when they first molt and they are paper-white ghosts, actually had one do that while waiting to be eaten by a crestie- had to re-dust, lol.
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