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Does this sound good for an isopod terrarium?

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  • Does this sound good for an isopod terrarium?

    I want to keep an "emergency" enclosure for my crested gecko, as in somewhere where i can put her while i clean her tank, and ive also thought that this is a good opportunity to keep some isopods too! Ive researched into them and ive seen that theyre VERY easy to keep alive, so ive come up with a small shopping list for them, and i would like your opinion if this sounds good!

    - Exo terra nano tall (20X20X30)
    - Arcaida earthmix/earthmix arid (Whichever one i have some leftovers from)
    - spare leaf litter
    - Small piece of spiderwood
    - Small bits of cork bark
    - A couple of pothos
    - Exo terra water dish fountain
    - Fake plant that stick on the side, that i have left over from when i upgrade my gecko enclosure

    This would be used to house springtails and probably giant orange woodlice and/or tropical grey woodlice
    Would this suffice? I also want it to be interesting to look at and sort of a nice little terrarium for my shelf


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    Also, ive read mixed reviews on the water dish fountain by exo terra, so would there be a small, reliable water feature that could replace this?


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      If it's mainly just for isopods, and you won't be keeping a gecko in there for any length of time, you can just mist them lightly once a day, or a little heavier 2 or 3 times a week. No need for a water dish. It sounds like a great little terrarium! I have had 3 plastic shoeboxes with 3 different kinds of isopods in them for about a year now, and they do really well with a once-a-week spritz, and most of the things you listed above. Just remember to feed them as well; a baby carrot once a week or so, an apple slice, they will also eat the leaf litter, or leftover Pangea. Very easy to keep!
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        The water dish is the #1 cause of death of isopods in my largest planted viv (they drown), so I agree with TAD on how to keep them. When you're using the enclosure for your gecko, add a water dish, but take it out when the gecko is elsewhere.
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          ooh ok. i just really want a water feature in there cos they look stunning
          ive got a mix of aspen, earthmix arid and leaf litter as their substrate, if thats ok for them
          and yeah ima be keeping my gecko in there, but ONLY as a place to put her when im cleaning her. Honestly its just an excuse for my mum to let me get an isopod terrarium xD