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Please help ID this gecko

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  • Please help ID this gecko

    Hi All,
    I'm in Kent, UK, and had a surprise guest arrive I amongst a load of limestone that was delivered to pave our patio this morning.
    I believe the origin of the limestone is India, but the gecko could have come from other stones in the same storage utility I guess.
    I want to find out what it is so that I can keep it in a viv with the correct setup.

    Thanks for any help :-)

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    Most geckos that are found under the circumstances you describe are known as "house geckos" and are part of the genus Hemidactylus. I first that that the lizard pictured looked a lot like a gargoyle gecko, but it isn't. The closest I can come in the limited time I have to look is Hemidactylus bowringii, also known as the oriental leaf-toed gecko. Check out this article and compare the pictures: If you don't think that's it, do a google image for Hemidactylus and find one that looks like yours.



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      Cheers Aliza,
      I got an ID on another site last night, indeed a house gecko (yellow bellied house gecko - Hemidactylus flaviviridis)

      Just need to figure out the best viv setup for it, looks like the regions it comes from can be quite dry.


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        Another alternative could be to email an expert on Hemidactylus. I found one who would probably find your story interesting and who would be able to give you a solid ID. You can contact her through her homepage. She's also on Twitter.

        Let us know what you find out!

        PS -- Probably there should be a rock pile in your viv. . .
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