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Please Help! My leo is trembling!!

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  • Please Help! My leo is trembling!!

    My poor 8 month old leo starting trembling so bad that she could barely walk. She was thrashing back and forth to get around for about a minute ( it seemed to last forever). After this attack she calmed down but im noticing she still is slightly trembling while walking. I usually feed her small crickets every couple days dusted and maybe mealworms inbetween. Also about 3 months ago she layed 2 infertil eggs and again a couple weeks ago another 2 eggs. I have them incubated but im not sure they are fertile yet( yes, i tried the candle thing but i couldn't tell&#128521. Also she has become aggressive and biting the male leo in the aquarium within the past couple weeks . She had also been digging in these past couple weeks. These are all new behaviors for her. Im so worried. Today is the 1st day that she hasn't eaten . I have an appointment with a vet but i can't get in untill tues, 5 days. Please any advise or anything i can try i would so appreciate!!! And so would my 5 yr old son and our little leo Hider. Someone said something that maybe an egg was stuck inside of her. Please help.

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    There are several things it could be.... the first one I would think it is .. is a calcium crash... have you been supplying her with calcium as well as dusting food with a vitamins.... laying eggs used up her calcium stores..... secondly remove the male and give him his own tank, he can and will breed the female to death.... also just double check and make sure your basic setup is correct.... heat mat, temperatures, etc