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Daytime gecko kept with Crested

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  • Daytime gecko kept with Crested

    I have had a daytime gecko (over 5 years old) living with a crested which was born in the vivarium about a month after I brought the daytime one home in it. They seem to get along ok but sometimes the crested will chase the daytime but have not seen any fights or damage to either on them. They have been together for over a year now. The daytime could have eaten the baby crested but gave him a break. They are both males.
    Has anyone else had a similar setup?

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    no, but that sounds cool. I heard frogs can live with both those geckos, so maybe add one to your setup?


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      Do you mean a day gecko? What kind of day gecko. Usually day geckos need much higher temperatures than crested geckos. I'm curious about how the crested gecko egg ended up in the day gecko enclosure. Sometimes geckos can seem to do well, but are really only doing well marginally and it doesn't show until all of a sudden they seem very sick. I'm not saying that will happen with yours, but it is an unusual situation that seldom ends well. How big is the enclosure. (Please don't add a frog).



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        I wouldn't do it. ESPECIALLY with two males. That is asking for a death at some point. Better safe than sorry, just my opinion.
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