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Baby leopard gecko hasnít eaten in three days?

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  • Baby leopard gecko hasnít eaten in three days?

    I got a baby Mack snow albino leopard gecko from a breeder less than a week ago. The breeder had her in a terrarium with sand as a flooring, but now I have green reptile carpet instead. She was housed with two other babies just like her. The first two days, she ate like a champ and gobbled down 5 or 6 mealworms both of the days I had her. Two days ago she suddenly stopped eating completely. Today is the third day in a row she hasnít eaten. I have tried hand feeding her with tweezers and just leaving the worms in a dish overnight. I donít have an under-tank heater for her, but I have a heat lamp. Her basking spot is around 90 degrees and her cool side is about 78-80. At first I thought maybe she was going to shed her skin and that was why she wasnít eating, but she would have done that by now right? Anything helps, Iím so worried about her!!!

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    Couple of questions, the temperature, are you reading that with a temp gun, or a stick on theremometer? And why have you choosen over head heating as opposed to under tank? This species being noctural does better with belly heat due to their chosen tie to be active. They bask on rocks which warm them vs diurnal species which use air temperatures more than anything to regulate their temps. What color is the bulb? How big is the gecko? How big is the tank? Where is the tank located, is it a high traffic area?
    lets just say I have a lot of stuff