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Leachie Gecko for a 40 breeder?

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  • Leachie Gecko for a 40 breeder?

    I really want my first reptile to be a Leachie Gecko. I REALLY love the look of them and I have been doing a lot of research. I have been keeping fish tanks for 5 years and I now want to keep some reptiles. Would a 40 breeder on its side so it is tall work for a fully grown leachie? What specie of Leachie do you guys recommend if one could work in a 40 gallon?

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    Yes a 40 breeder flipped on its side will work.

    Leachies are only one species, they break down into individual locales. the 40 breeder will work for any of them however smaller off shore locales could be housed in something a big smaller and still be OK. No locale is really any better than the other as far as hardiness goes. Some are known to be more tolerant to handling however it still comes down to the individual personality of the animal. The smaller locales are known to be a bit more tolerate to handling, and the larger ones are known to be more aggressive, but again depends on the animal.

    Really though the key to them is keeping them in smallish enclosures when young. Many people will put babies in larger sized enclosures ad wonder why they grow so slowly. Seriously, keep them in smaller tighter enclosures to make them happy. And cork bark, lots of cork bark
    lets just say I have a lot of stuff