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Help my gold dust day gecko.

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  • Help my gold dust day gecko.

    My gold dust day gecko wont eat please help. I recently realized my gold dust day geckos were both males and quickly split them apart. The one that isnt eating is the one I moved out of the cage. It was eating fine with the other male when i didnt notice them both being males, but it wont eat and it has been about a month and a half. I cant go to a vet, and I think it's feet are shrivling up. It will drink water when I mist the cage, but no eating. Please help its dying and it is very skinny someone please help. I feel so bad and dont know what to do. I know that the lizard is in pain so someone please give advice ASAP.

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    Did you try feeding CGD or insects? Or maybe put the one that needs help back in the tank that he was in with the other male and move that male. If that doesn't work try just putting them back together I know its bad to have to males together but if its going to cost the life of one from separating i'd take the risk until you see any signs of bullying. You can also try putting CGD on the nose and force him to lick it off tier nose. I hope Something works out for you