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Question: Mourning Geckos laying eggs

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  • Question: Mourning Geckos laying eggs

    One of my mourning geckos has a very large egg in her. I have some egg laying sites/tubes that I added to the terrarium. I am concerned that she hasn't laid yet. She's 6 weeks and a couple days along (give or take a day). I've been monitoring her progress since I noticed she started developing a little egg spot.

    Everything I have read on Mourning Geckos states that they usually lay within 4-6 weeks. Is it normal to take longer than 6 weeks? Should I be concerned? Could it be an environmental factor?

    I maintain the temp around 73.5 F. I DO let the temp drop to about 68 F at night. Humidity is maintained around 70% and is allowed to drop to 50% before misting again.

    Normally she is always out and about in the terrarium. But the last week she's been hiding quite a bit and doesn't come out from the back of the enclosure. Is it normal for mournings to hide before laying?

    She's eating normally and aside from the new hiding behavior she is ok, I think?

    Anybody have advice for me?
    TheLuckyMuffin Lepidodactylus lugubris Trachemys scripta elegens

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    Update: My gecko laid her egg this morning! Of course it's in a place I can't easily get to and something that I can't remove... *sigh*

    Oh well, I'm just glad she is alright. The egg looks good too.

    She's been back to her normal behavior. Sitting on the glass at the front of the terrarium. So I guess she was just looking for the best egg laying site.

    Sidenote: I'm not sure if this affected her laying or not, but the night of June 15th, I added my other 2 mournings to the terrarium (after their quarantine was up).
    TheLuckyMuffin Lepidodactylus lugubris Trachemys scripta elegens