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    Hello All! I am new to this site, and a new crestie owner to Franklin (10g, purchased in March 2019) and Felicia (17g, purchased in April 2019). Because I purchased them so close together and I got them from the same store, I didnít think quarantine was necessary (like a big dummy). While they are in separate Exo Terras, they have had community play time in my living room for a month.

    Felicia was recently diagnosed with pinworms after a trip to the vet, and prescribed panacur. The first dose was given to her on May 29th, and I was told to wait 14 days until the next dose. Now here we are on June 6, and I still see worms in her droppings. The vet is closed and Iím sort of feeling anxious.. wasnít sure if anyone else had experience with panacur taking a while to kick in.

    I am additionally worried about franklin. He seems fine, but Iíd like to have his stool tested anyway. It is so hard to get a sample from him because he is so teensy and doesnít poop often. Sometimes Iíll find a tiny, rock hard dropping in the morning, hours after he went. The vet said the sample needs to be fresh for it to be accurate. Perhaps I shouldnít even worry though, as he seems fine and treatment for pinworms is only necessary if itís impacting the geckís quality of life?

    Last question: conflicting information online. Is it possible to catch pinworms from gecks, or not possible?

    Thank you all in advance!

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    I don't believe you can get pinworms from your geckos, but it is still good practice to wash your hands thoroughly before and after handling your reptiles.

    It's possible you will still see a few pinworms; the second dose should knock them out though, so do give it as scheduled. I would also go ahead and have your other gecko tested, just to be on the safe side, if you can get a fecal sample.
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