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Help! Need to confirm weather or not my Leo has Tail Rot or has just a bruise! D:

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  • Help! Need to confirm weather or not my Leo has Tail Rot or has just a bruise! D:

    So for a little background, my leopard gecko Aries, when he was shedding, accidentally nipped the very end of his tail and started bleeding. I cleaned the wound with some water and watched it for a little while, and in the end the wound didn't seem bad, as well as it was healing up nice and fine. 4-5 weeks later, he was in shed again, and I noticed that he had a little stuck shed on the end of his tail. Of course, I sat him in some luke warm water and very gently pulled that last little bit of shed off. The only problem was that not only was there stuck shed, but there was the scab from the wound from weeks ago. So when I went and got the shed off, I accidentally pulled a little bit of his scab, causing him to bleed again. I yet again went to clean the wound, this time with a little bit of betadine (I checked online to make sure that it was safe to use on reptiles. It is), and carefully cleaned the wound yet again. Then I dried his tail with a towel and set him back in his enclosure. When I went and checked on him the next day, I noticed that the tip of his tail seemed to be a little black and reddish. Immediately the first thought that I had that got me worried was tail rot, since those are the signs of it. However, I also thought that since it was a little bruise, it may just be the scab reforming over it and will heal up. However I'm unsure what to think. So this is why I'm messaging here!
    I took some photos of the tip of my Leo's tail, and am hoping that someone can help me identify if this is tail rot or not. I pray that it's not.
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    I see that this post is a bit old but thought i'd respond anyway. Your gecko has stuck shed that is constricting it's tail. Best thing to do in that case is to catch it early and put your gecko in a "sauna" for about 20 min. That can be made with a delicup or a small ziploc container with wet paper towells in the bottom. That should help to soften up the stuck shed enough to carefully work it off. Once you get the stuck shed off it should heal up. SOMETIMES if left long enough stuck shed like this can constrict the tail enough to cut off blood supply to that area and that area of the tail will "die". If this happens it's very important to keep the cage very clean and watch it closely for signs of it spreading up the tail. USUALLY what will then happen is that "dead" area will dry up, shrivel up, and fall off. It will then finish healing over and just have a slightly shorter, blunter tail. If it shows signs of beginning to spread up the tail like redness, then I would suggest a visit to a good exotics vet...make sure that they're experienced in treating reptiles/geckos b/c there have been times when taking a gecko to a vet without experience ends up causing more harm than good.

    Hope your gecko is well!