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Converting my Fat Tail to Dubias from Mealworms

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  • Converting my Fat Tail to Dubias from Mealworms

    Hey y'all,

    So I got myself a new AFT, most friendly animal I've ever owned. However, it seems he/she ONLY wants mealworms. I'd really like for it to eat dubias, but it just sniffs it and backs off. For some reason it only goes for mealworms. I'd like it to get optimal nutrition, so does anyone have any advice on how to convert a gecko from one feeder to another?

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    African fat tails are sometimes picky. I find that they are less picky in the spring and summer, when their appetites are greater. I find that they are also less picky when they are hungry. I would recommend not feeding mealworms for a while, and your gecko should eventually take dubia. Actually, I recommend not feeding mealworms at all, or rarely. They are a poor feeder choice.