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  • Extra Vivariums To Fill

    Hey everyone! So after some recent upgrades and shifting Iíve got a 12 inch cube and a 12 by 12 by 18 vivarium left. Iím planning on adding geckos to both. Right now Iíve got mourning geckos and cresties and Iím planning as following

    For the cube either more mourning geckos or a pair of Cameroon Dwarf Geckos

    For the 12 by 12 by 18 Iím thinking either a pair of gold dust day geckos or electric blue geckos.

    Also whatís the consensus on minimum tank size for gargoyle geckos? Pretty much the same minimum tank size as a crestie?

    Anyone have any other suggestions?

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    I'm keeping my adult garg in a 12x12x18, but he's not terribly active, even during the night, so he seems to do fine in it. I do have lots of things in the tank for him to hide in and climb on, and I think that helps keep him comfortable. I have my crestie in an 18x18x24, but he is much more active.
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      I would recommend the electric blues over the gold dusts for a 12x12x18.