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Feeding micro geckos

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  • Feeding micro geckos

    Looking at a Cameroon dwarf gecko - I have an empty 8x8x12 terrarium, and thought this might be a nice addition; diurnal and beatiful - too fast to be handleable, though (& that's OK with me). I am wondering how difficult it is to feed and clean a small tank for these micro geckos. The care sheet says they will eat CGD as a supplement, which is great, but that they would eat flightless fruit flies and pinhead crickets when grown. I have avoided crickets with my other lizards, and have never kept or tried to feed flightless fruit flies. I don't know anything about keeping them - how often I would have to buy for a single gecko, how do you feed them, etc.

    I also wonder, since they say these guys are fast, how much of a flight risk they are when I need to clean the tank. I probably would not go bioactive, so it would probably just involve removing a mat substrate, a piece of cork bark and a fake plant or two. I would get only one dwarf gecko.
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    I highly recommend that you do a bioactive setup so you don't have to clean the enclosure. I have micro geckos (at the moment Sphaerodactylus sputator and the somewhat larger Gonatodes albogularis fuscus), one in an 8x8x12 and one in a 12x12x12. If you get a flightless fruit fly culture from a reasonable source (not the big box pet stores; their flies don't seem to live as long), you can have enough to feed for at least a month before they die. I'm sure google will show you how to culture your own. They are usually kept in a 32oz deli cup with a vented cover. To feed, simply tap the container so the flies fall to the bottom, open it and dump some flies into a small container with supplement. Shake to coat and put them in the cage. If you are near a reptile store, you can buy pinhead crickets. If I get too many, they just get fed to my next largest size gecko.