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  • New leopard geckos

    I just got two leopard geckos for my sons. I need some reassurance that they are adjusting well. Both with allow me to pick them up and will sit passively with me. However when I have my sons sit to hold them the Leo's tend to make a run for it. Both Leo's are eating but they do roam their cages and try to climb the walls. Are they running for it because my kids are too loud or not calm enough? Do they climb the walls cuz they are upset or just bored? Should I invest in a bigger terranium? Also they are both females and sometimes seem to be looking for each other; can I house them together?

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    What size tank do you have now? You may be able to house two females together if they are close in size. How are your kids when they handle your leos? In your opinion, are they calm? noisy? gentle? rough?
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