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Crested Gecko Chohabitation possible experiment

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  • Crested Gecko Chohabitation possible experiment

    I have one crestie who is about 6 months old, presumably female. Enclosure: 12x12x18
    I do not plan on making this a permanent enclosure I plan on moving her to a larger enclosure as she reaches maturity.
    I would like to know if anyone has ever tried to cohabitate a crested gecko and mourning geckos, ive looked everywhere but I cant find any information.
    I know generally mixing species is frowned upon but if I decide on going through with this decision I will be adding more hides and more food/water dishes to the enclosure.
    I was considering adding 2 mourning geckos to the enclosure at the most as this would allow for them to be social but would not be overcrowded and as far as I can predict it wont be a failure as I couldn't see the crestie being able to catch the mourning geckos and the mourning geckos probably wouldn't bother the crestie, my only concern is the stress put on the crested gecko as a result of adding them to the tank, with some time I feel she could adapt but I would appreciate any input on this idea thankyou!

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    Crested will eat mourning geckos if they catch them. I would not do this unless you don't mind them being a snack.