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20 long and 10!!!

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  • 20 long and 10!!!

    Hi all!!! I want to go to the reptile expo in may and get a new reptile,but I'm not sure I know what I want. I'm hoping you guys have some good suggestions! Here are the requirements! I can get either a 10 gallon or a 20L aquarium for it,so it has to be able to live in one of those! It has to eat insects or powder water diet because fresh is to costly,but a meal of fresh a week would be fine! I would like to be able to handle it and have it get to know me,but if I can't that's fine. Size doesn't matter and neither do care requirements. It would be cool to be able to house more than one together to! The reptile itself has to cost under a $100,but a little more might be ok. It would be awesome if it could eat mealworms,because I'm working on a colony! Oh. And NO snakes,my mom won't let me. I have a Leo and LOVE them,but I would kinda like something different. If I think of anything else I'll let you know. Any suggestions are welcome! Thank you!!!😁
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      I'm open to any caudate as well,specifically terrestrial ones.