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Cohabbing Eurydactylodes?

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  • Cohabbing Eurydactylodes?

    Hello! I'm just starting to get into eurydactylodes and I have a pair each of agricolae and vieillardi. Right now they are all separated and are still quite young (especially the vieillardi; I did an initial loupe to determine they were 1.1, but I'd still give it another month before I'm 100%). Anyway, my question is, when can I put the pairs together? Should I wait until the male and female are of breeding age/weight (I've heard roughly a year old) like other New Cal species? Thank you!
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    I have a pair of each as well.
    I keep my adult Agricolae together for most of the year and then separate to cool for a few months. This pair I got as 2 year old adults and immediately housed them together.
    My pair of Vieilliardi are still young and I won't be putting them together until they reach a year and a half and are of good weights for breeding.
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