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Is this a good supplement schedule?

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  • Is this a good supplement schedule?

    Now I am getting my leopard gecko VERY soon so I need to get the supplement stuff out of the way. I have the three types of supplements. I have the Rep-Cal Herptivite, the Zoomed Reptile calcium with D3, and the Zoomed Reptile calcium without D3. Now, what I thought I was going to do is leave a bowl in the tank of the Zoomed Reptile calcium without D3, and feed him the Zoomed Reptile calcium with D3 5 days of the week and the Rep-Cal Herptivite two days of the week. Is this good idea. And help is VERY needed. Thank you

    Schedule example

    Sun-Zoomed Reptile calcium with D3
    Mon-Zoomed Reptile calcium with D3
    Tues-Rep-Cal Herptivite
    Wed-Zoomed Reptile calcium with D3
    Thurs-Rep-Cal Herptivite
    Fri-Zoomed Reptile calcium with D3
    Sat-Zoomed Reptile calcium with D3
    IN TANK- Reptile calcium with D3

    Or do a schedual like this

    Monday- Calcium with no D3
    Tuesday- Calcium with D3
    Wednesday- Calcium with no D3
    Thursday- Multivitamins
    Friday- Multivitamins
    Saturday- Calcium With D3
    Sunday- Multivitamins

    What ever you think I should do let me

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    Are you going to be dusting crickets with the calcium ? That would be ideal for leopard geckos imo


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      yeah, is it going to be on the crickets/meal worms or just plain?
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        This is what I do, crickets dusted with calcium with d3 2-3 times a week and then roaches or crickets dusted with pangea leaped gecko diet 2-3 times a week lately it has been roaches for there high protein , crickets don't supply a good amount of protein less than 5% but dubia roaches are close to 50% and I also make sure to gut load my insects with multiple things such as carrots cucumber lettuce kale fruits leaperd gecko diet crested gecko diet and a little calcium and others aslong as u stay along these lines ur geckos should do fine


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          Just put ur supplement powders in a plastic bag then put ur crickets In the bag shake them up till there coverd then feed them to ur geckos


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            Be careful with providing so much D3, this is a vitamin that can be overdosed. I supplement my adults geckos once a week with a multi-vitamin (with D3) and dust with calcium once a week or leave a bottle top in the tank. Younger or breeding animals will require more supplementation and animals with suitable UV will require little too no D3 supplements.

            Edit - crickets do not contain 5% protein. All commonly available inverts provide plenty of protein for reptiles.
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