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  • Have yet to see anything on this

    So I have had my gecko for about, jeez, 8 months I guess. I'm new to owning reptiles but did alot of research before and found it fascinating. Although I did not know this till after I got him I won't be doing it in the future which is buying from a petstore. My first lil guy got sick the first month after i had him and unfortunately died. But my second gecko Nova is much healthier and happier and fat tailed little guy. Quite recently though I have noticed he has started to follow my hand around the tank and open his eyes wide like when I feed him. He doesn't wag his tail or anything but he is persistent and even when my hand is on the outside he follows after it. If i leave my finger on the glass long enough he comes up and licks the glass. I don't think he is trying to be aggressive but just wondering why he started to do this. I have tried to handle him but sometimes i freak myself out and wont so im still trying to work on getting him use to me. When he started this behavior he also started to get very aggressive it seemed when I would go to pick him up. He lifts his tail straight up and goes still.