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  • Help w/ Deciding on Lizard - Newbie

    Hey everyone! I'm pretty new to owning reptiles and am trying to decide on which lizard would be good for me to start out with. I did have a juvenile crested about 5 years ago, but due to some personal issue at the time I had to find him a new home. A crested may be the best for me to go with again, but I thought I would get some suggestions/opinions before making a decision.

    I'm looking for a lizard or maybe even possibly an amphibian, that has some neat patterns/color options. I would like to be able to handle it without causing undo stress, which I'm sure this can depend on how much they're handled as a juvenile. I'm not saying it has to be handled on a daily basis, just not a species that you're never really suppose to touch. For my first one, I don't want anything that gets overly huge, so nothing over maybe a foot long at maturity. I am hoping to eventually give breeding a try, but that's later down the road once I know more about how to care for what I decide on. Any advice/suggestions would be greatly appreciated! I've done some much reading here lately that my eyes are about to cross, but I want to make a well informed decision before just jumping into purchasing.

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    Most reptiles will be stressed by handling, some species are more forgiving than others but I would always keep handling to a minimum as it does not benefit the animal if you have a good enclosure. As you said, you could look again at cresties, or perhaps gargoyle geckos. Leopard geckos and African fat tail geckos can often cope with handling. Rankin dragons or painted agamas can be handleable and stay small. Viper geckos could also be worth a look.
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      Thank you! I'm getting it narrowed down a little more. Right now I'm picking between crested geckos, African fat-tailed geckos, and Uromastyx... Anyone on here own a Uro?


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        I have owned a mali uromastyx before. Really cool lizards but maybe not for beginners.


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          i dont really concider any animal a 'beginner' pet, as every animal has very strict requirements that the owner needs to follow to provide that animal with the best life possible. How strict those requirements are usually label animals as "beginner" to "advanced" animals, even though, technically, with enough research and preparation, one can get any animal.

          Instead of looking at "well wuts easy to start on?" (because nothing is easy. Cresties have very strict humidity and temp reqs that can make them difficult), look at "What animal would I like to have". Just a quick 2cents. :P

          If you want a reptile that handles handling very well, bearded dragons are usually the main 'go-to' for many people. They are called the "puppy dogs' of the reptile world after all. Granted every animal is different, but generally most beardies are good. Beardies do require a large tank as an adult though, so if that's something you can accommodate for, that would be my first suggestion. Beardies can come in some really cool color/patterns too.

          Gargoyle geckos would be my second recommendation actually, instead of Cresties. Gargs are a bit bigger and chunkier than cresties and most of them, from my experience, are lumps. They don't jump as much as cresties and are generally much more laid back.

          Cresties would be my 3rd. A lot can be bullets out of a gun, spazzy little things and their quick movements, from past posts I've read on this forum, seem to intimidate new people because they jump so much and they're afraid they'll jump off and hit the floor running. Fear and uncertainty is not something people should be embracing with ANY animal. You need confidence, and i believe firmly that every animal on this planet can sense that.

          I also recommend an adult animal, as they can handle possible mistakes much better than a baby or juvie can.
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            if you want a reptile you can handle often, try a ball python. as far as snakes go, they are super laid back. If you prefer a lizard, then i second the idea of a Bearded dragon.


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              If you don't want a large bearded dragon, I'd recomend a rankin's dragon. Alot like bearded dragons just smaller and require a little less of everything. From my personal experience they are great.


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                Leopard geckos are really gorgeous and interesting reptiles to have as pets and many would call them a 'beginner' level reptile to own. They do well with handling (though as mentioned, best to keep handling to a minimum regardless of the animal's tolerance for it) and are relatively easier to care for than some others like the uromastyx you're interested in for example.

                They do have heating requirements, and require specific additions to their terrariums to make sure they're in good health, this includes a 'warm' side and a 'cool' side, with a hot and humid hide, respectively.

                Honestly though, I feel like if you do adequate research and you're dedicated to providing the best care for your future pet, whatever reptile you're interested in will be be easy for you to care for, because you'll be dedicated and knowledgeable on the animal.

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                  Hi welcome I own a bearded dragon a leopard gecko and a crested gecko by far the crested gecko is my favourite. Very entertaining wee guys but do like to hide I was a beginner when I got my crestie and found handling not to bad. The bearded dragon likes to sit and bask all day that's about it lol hes very cute tho and will sit on my shoulder about the house brilliant lizard for handling. As for my leopard gecko a little skittish at first but then settles when handling. As for caring for I'd say the crestie is.the most easiest and in my opinion the cheapest as no special lighting is required and plus you don't have to feed live insects