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8 inch Exo Terra cube?

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  • 8 inch Exo Terra cube?

    I recently bought one of the 8 inch nano terrariums that Pangea sells. In the description it says you can use it for a small dart frog or gecko. Is this true? It just seems way too small to house anything, even temporarily.
    Does anyone have any suggestions on what to do with it? Any recommendations for animals, or plant(s) that would be happy in there would be more than welcome. I'm also open to just decorating it. Otherwise I guess I'll just put it in storage.
    I really should've thought about how small it was before I bought it!

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    I often use this size for smaller tarantula species, or juveniles of slow-growing tarantula species.


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      I'm using a 12x12x12 for a Sphaerodactylus (really tiny gecko) macrolepis. The 8"cube is kind of small, but it could probably house one gecko of this genus.



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        the only thing i would house in an 8"cube (and honestly i'd rather do 8x8x12 instead) would be a BABY (like, just hatched) crestie or garg. But they'd outgrow it within a pretty short amount of time so I'd honestly just return it and get a 12x12x18 tank if ur planning on getting a gecko, since baby geckos small enough to be put in the 8cube will never be sold by a breeder THAT small. so unless u hatched them yourself. yeah P:
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          Thanks for all the answers, I think I'll just put it in storage for now 😊

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            I originally bought mine to house an orchid mantis but I never got around to purchasing one, so I can't confirm they will do well in that space. But just an idea!
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