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Leopard Gecko Feces Smell

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  • Leopard Gecko Feces Smell

    I just purchased my first leopard gecko (though I have kept other reptiles for years) and this leopard gecko's feces smell TERRIBLE. Not just a little odor but one poop really smells up the entire room. I clean the cage almost daily and as soon as he uses the bathroom again it is terrible. I was wondering if anyone else's leopard gecko's feces smell like this. I am hoping it is an internal parasite problem that I can treat and get rid of because this smell is awful.

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    I think it's just the natural smell, I don't own Leo's but crested gecko poop smells nasty!! What do you use for substrate? What are you feeding? It could just be normal but it could be what you're feeding, might be a parasite but unlikely, take one of its poops in a baggie and take it to the vet to get it checked for parasites
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      Leopard gecko poop typically just smells. You said you just got him so it might also be the stress of a new place. When I first got my leopard gecko her poo smelt nasty but once she got comfortable it got better. Also if your not using an absorbent substrate it will just make it smell even worse. I have noticed that young leopard geckos just tend to have runny smelly poop. But if you are very concerned then take a sample to the vet, but if comes up negative for parasites and the smell really bothers you try feeding roaches, that can make his poo not smell as bad.


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        Could have parasites, especially if you purchased from a big chain pet store..
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