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  • Getting A Skink?

    Hi, ok so I am hoping someone can tell me there experience with owning a skink. I already have a 45 gallon tank just sitting around so would that be a good size for an adult skink, I have found that some sites say its good and others say it isn't. Also how much does your average skink cost? There is a reptile expo coming up at the end of April where I live so I need to start saving up now

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    Depends on the species, blue tongue skins can get a foot long and require fairly large cages but there are also rainbow skins that only get up to like 2 or 3 inches long and need a tiny tank. Blue tongues which are my favorite (others are pink tongue skinks that can get 1.5 feet long) blue tongues can cost amy where from 60-700$ depending on morph, background, age, and gender so I'd bring as much as you could and make sure you did your research on the specific skink you want and such and just find one of the species you like that are in your budget
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      I am planning on getting a blue tongued skink, they seem to be the most popular. I am thinking I will probably keep the skink in the 45 till it seems to small for the skink and then I will probably build a nice cage. Now I am just hoping the reptile expo will actually have blue tongued skinks and not be $700 haha.