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Leopard Gecko Will Not Eat

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  • Leopard Gecko Will Not Eat

    Okay, so my leopard gecko has stopped eating. She is currently on antibiotics for an eye infection which is why she stopped eating in the first place (because she could not hunt with a bad eye). The vet wants me to syringe feed her Carnivore Care (which I have done in the past) to get her weight up, but it put so much stress on her the last time that I do not feel comfortable doing it again. Her eye is now clear so I do not know what is stopping her from eating her mealworms. I have tried tweezer feeding but she would just walk away, I have also tried just putting the carnivore care in a dish for her to lick up instead of force feeding but no luck with that either. Her tail is getting pretty thin now. Should I just keep fresh mealworms in her tank and wait till she decides to eat again or just suck it up and force feed her? Any tips or suggestions would really help.

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    I would honestly feed her something softer than mealworms until she can get her strength back up. Try crickets, roaches, hornworms or silkworms. Instead of force feeding, take and put small dabs of the carnivore care on her snout so she will lick that off, it is less stressful than forcing a syringe in her mouth.
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        Sometimes the antibiotic (I assume it's an oral medication) makes them not want to eat. You can always hold her gently and poke a feeder at her mouth. I don't consider this to be force feeding, but rather "assisted feeding" because we're not forcing anything into the mouth. I have 2 leos that just came off antibiotics who also didn't eat and are now eating using this method.