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  • Salt water!

    hello so i have a big problem i have a salt water tank and i accidentally used salt water that i had prepared to do a water change and filled up my misting bottle that i use for my crested geckos! i have live plants and springtails in there with them. what should i to to remove the salt? the plants are already starting to curl and they look like they are drying up. will my springtails all die!? how will this harm my cresties? thanks!

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    I would rinse out the bottle very well and try to spray them with clean water and take the gecko out until all the salt has dissipated. You may have to flush the soil with clean water to.
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      thanks! i thought so!


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        I would change the soil completely. I don't know how you're going to get it out otherwise


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          I agree, should completely change the soil in the cage aND gently rinse all the plants.
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