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    I got a crested gecko just under a week ago and he's about the size of my thumb but he's only eaten once, which was the day I got him and I haven't seen him eat again. I have two food sources in the tank being as it is 12x12x18 Exo terra. Also, I'm having problem keeping the tank at a good temperature. I am using the Hood that came with the terrarium and an 11w clear bulb. I had a 15w clear and placed my prove for my thermometer underneath and the temperature got to 79 so I was concerned. Anyone have any tips for a 12x12x18 Exo terra? Also some insight on why he's been hiding in the bush this long and I haven't seen him eat other than that one time when there was a noticeable difference in the food dish.

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    79 degrees is a little on the hot side but its alright. What is the temperature at your house? There shouldn't be a need to heat the terrarium. Most people don't see there crested geckos eating because they only eat at night really. As long as you see poop, you know the gecko is eating.