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Cat tried to play with gecko

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  • Cat tried to play with gecko

    I have a leopard gecko and he is about a year old. And the cats have never bothered him but I turned my back for a second while giving him a bath and the cat picked him up. He is fine but he bit the cat and got a mouthful of fur. Do you have any idea how I could try to get the fur out of his mouth aND should I be concerned that he got picked up by the cat? Can geckos digest cat fur?????

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    Ok I think he may be missing a toe.....


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      Yes, you should be concerned that the cat, a predatory animal, was allowed to be with and got ahold of your gecko. Hair can possibly get twisted up or cause impaction in a gecko. You need to take it to a veterinarian.


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        This cat is no predatory animal, it's domesticated beyond wimpyness. My gecko is fine. I called the vet and cat fur won't be a problem. Also, it turns out that he was already missing a toe which is apparently normal ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ my only concern now is getting rid of that darn cat -_-


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          It most certainly was not saving your gecko from drowning and toes don't just dissappear. There is a reason on both accounts.


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            Cats carry lots of nasty bacteria in their mouth so I would keep an eye on the spots where the cat placed it's teeth on the gecko. My cat used to hunt the green anoles outside of my house growing up, so yes they are a predatory animal. You do need to worry about the hair, they're not called hair-balls for no reason....
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              Through natural instinct, all cats are predators – be it indoor cats or outdoor cats.

              The fact that your cat bit your gecko is proof enough that your cat does have hunting instincts.

              Cats do not play, per se, they are practicing hunting. So, no, your cat was not playing with your gecko – had you not intervened, your gecko would be dead.

              I am not saying any of this because I have some dislike of cats, I have owned many throughout my years and they are actually my favorite animal. I have one in the room with me now, asleep on her cat tree.

              I adore them BUT I realize that even my 3 year old cat, who has been raised indoors since she was 5 weeks old and who has never been allowed to hunt, would still kill and eat my geckos if given the opportunity.

              I know not all cats are the same but hunting is a natural instinct that resides within all of them.

              You should not blame the cat and "get rid of it" for acting on what comes natural to it. YOU need to be a responsible pet owner and keep your pets separated.

              Tom is right. Toes do not just disappear for no reason.

              Toe loss is due to being bitten off or stuck shed causing constriction – both being avoidable.

              Geckos cannot digest hair. It can be pooped out, whole, but it can also be problematic and cause death.




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                @jess , the cat never bit him but I'll keep a watch on him anyway
                @inquisitive my gecko is perfectly fine and safe . I was joking about getting rid of the cat....and the gecko was missing the toe we got him an the vet said it was most likely from shedding complications. The vet said he was fine.


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                  Thanks for the concern but everything is over now


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                    My geck says hi and thanks !http://beautifulcreature248.tumblr.c...8/dezi-says-hi