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Is it possible/easy to keep a Dubia colony small?

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  • Is it possible/easy to keep a Dubia colony small?

    i want to know if I can keep a Dubia colony small, not keep a small colony. Because that colony will grow. Is there any way I can set it up to where I just have enough to feed two gargoyles, 2 cresties, and maybe a bearded dragon in the future?

    Like I know certain temperatures affect their breeding, so would it be possible to keep a colony but keep it from growing to big to keep up with?

    * my crested geckos and gargoyle's are eating Pangea diet. The roaches will just be added maybe once a week.

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    You could discontinue using the heating pad at certain intervals to prevent further production.

    You could also feed off some of the adult females and males to your Bearded Dragon but you could probably just sell any adult females you do not need.


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      If it gets too big, some people will freeze the adults they do not need and feed birds/squirrels outside. It usually takes about 6 months for the colony to get big enough to start feeding out of. They usually say to start one with around 50 roaches, I just recently decided to breed mine.
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        thank you both!