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"Male" green anole laying eggs!?

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  • "Male" green anole laying eggs!?

    Hi all,

    I have had my green anole Peppermint for 2 1/2 months now, and I estimate "he" was about 2 months old when I found him in my sunroom -- with a broken leg and caught in a spider web. So I took him in and he was growing quickly. I thought he was male because he very soon started to show typical male territorial behavior, like head bobbing and dewlap flashing when he saw his mirror image. The dewlap is small, but I thought it was because he was not yet fully grown. Anyway, "he" just laid what appears to be an infertile egg on his perch (did not bury it in the moss). I suppose that makes him officially a "she" now :-). But do female green anoles show territorial behavior like the males? And is there a chance she may be laying fertile eggs anytime? I do not think she was of reproductive age when I found her, and she has been kept by herself since, but is there a chance she might have stored sperm? Just wondering if I should be getting an incubator...


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