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    Hey everyone just got a crested gecko for my son never had one before just wondering the idea temp to keep his tank at the guy in the pet shop told me i dont need any heat source that they do well with no heat never heard of a lizard that u dont have to give a heat source to any advice would be great thanks . I live in new york so it does get cold here house temp is kept around 70

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    70 should be ok. The petstore (for a change) is correct. They do not require any artificial heat source although I use one for the simple fact that our bedroom gets really cold for some reason and that's where Haitachi's cage is. They do like to climb and don't expect the gecko to be social at first. Since you live in NY and it does get cold there especially around this time you can tape a heat pad to the back panel of the enclosure and turn it on the low setting. I have one that shuts off after 2 hours no matter what setting its on. Bought it from walmart and its one people use on injuries or your backs.
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      Low wattage ceramic heat emitters work great to, you can plug the lamp fixture into a lamp dimmer to adjust the temperatures. My temps during the day get between 73-77 (with one of the "blue" reptile bulbs I use for my plants) and between 68-70 at night.
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        Thank everyone for the info